Take The Guesswork Out Of Trading Analytics

No More Hard Work

Real Time Alerts

Proactive notifications around PNL moves and key news events, guiding your trading strategy.

Yield Profiles

Break down yields per client, instrument size and more for
accurate performance assessment.

Counterparty Reports

List the best and worst trades and understand the value of every client to manage flow more efficiently.

Millisecond Data

A granular view of volume data and graph prices to optimise performance.

Analytics Anywhere

MFX Echo is available from any computer, phone or tablet. Monitor 

flow on the go.

Top of Book Analysis

View market depth and understand top of book spreads.

All the information you need, right in front of your eyes.

Understand PnL Moves

Identify the root cause of PnL changes and fix problems fast.


Obtain True Client Value

Know the real impact of a client, not just their gross PNL.


Show the best bid/offers from each LP and frame data driven discussions around spread.


Identify Sweeps

Visualise changing liquidity around sweeps and understand market behaviour in real-time.


MFX Echo is a trade analysis, liquidity visualisation and price explain tool enabling traders and analysts to have enhanced insight into their business like never before. 

Compare Execution

Chart orders and fills against the market to visualise execution performance.



News Event Radar

Event calendars with historical volume and PnL reports to help anticipate and manage risky events.

Assess LP Performance

Revolutionise Your Trading Behaviour

David Cooney

Co-Founder, MahiFX

"Sophisticated data analytics have long been the preserve of the largest banks, MahiFX seeks to redress this balance with MFX Echo."

Colin Lambert

Editor, Profit & Loss

David Cooney

Co-Founder, MahiFX

The launch of MFX Echo is part of a drive at MahiFX to effectively democratise the foreign exchange market. healthy market requires a broad spread of participants and these participants need to be well-informed.”

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